Procure Tools is a leading provider of accurate, current, commercial intelligence across the UK Public Sector.

Tried, tested and proven to deliver, our meticulously researched data is some of the most comprehensive available on the market. Each and every report provides relevant key facts and figures for a specified market share which helps both buyers and suppliers to effectively manage their contracts.

With information such as contract timelines, coverage, spend and product details, users of Procure Tools’ services are able to monitor their own account profile and to identify opportunities for improved or further business.

We build our services around your needs, and the needs of your business strategy. We create bespoke data solutions to suit any requirement relating to the UK Public Sector. Your business may require certain market intelligence in order to reach certain goals or to develop and expand into new markets. We can help you find and analyse the available information to suit whatever needs your business may have. Find out how Procure Tools puts this vital information at your fingertips.

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Our Services
Dynamic, Accurate, Fresh Market Intelligence
Our cloud based solution covers all five verticals of Government throughout the UK which includes Central Government, Local Government, Healthcare, Education and Blue Lights.
Effective Data Analysis Tools
Our effective analysis tools helps users understand public bodies procurement requirements which includes their spend data, contract information, key internal plans and strategies and key contacts.
Bespoke Services
Our research team pride themselves on the ability to not just listen, but to understand the underlying fundamentals of why the client requires the research to be conducted.
Support and Development
We aim for our research team to become an extension of our client’s business development functions, facilitating better market planning, targets and client engagement.
Industry Sectors
  • Waste, Recycling and Environment

    Waste, Recycling and Environment

  • Highways


  • Insurance


  • Telecommunication and Networks

    Telecommunication and Networks

  • Utilities


  • Fleet





Is one of the best data service providers I have worked with and very responsive to his clients’ requests "

BT Global Services


" the Procure Tools information was useful in equipping sales people with useful information about the make-up of our customers estates and the contracting environment in which they were operating and contributed greatly towards a winning campaign on unified communications. "