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Be Connected supplies contract and operational intelligence about public sector organisations that is a true enabler for the type of collaboration discussed in the report.

It provides public sector procurement professionals with unrestricted access to relevant and significantly useful information about what other organisations are doing, as well as contact details for each discipline (procurement, plans, and strategies).

In order for procurement officers to gain further potential efficiencies and savings they need to utilise and understand where collaborative opportunities can be identified either locally, regionally or nationally.

This will help achieve more streamlined services and utilise the Government’s spending power which will therefore achieve maximum savings and efficiencies.

The service requires no investment in IT infrastructure or application software. It is web based with a minimal learning curve.

That means you literally can be deploying it as part of your procurement efficiency strategy within 24 hours or less.

  • Get relevant key facts and figures at your fingertips
  • See contract timelines, coverage, spend and product details
  • Our data is meticulously research and current – tried and tested
  • Benefits both buyers and sellers suppliers to effectively manage their contracts
  • Cross-sector information provides the perfect platform for both buyers and suppliers to grasp improved opportunities for working together more effectively and efficiently
  • “Procure Tools has an unparalleled understanding of public sector markets.”