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How to save costs in UK Public Sector with IT and Business Intelligence

The financial targets you operate under become more challenging with every budget.

Stretching the available funding requires squeezing more value out of every purchase and contract. Saving costs wherever possible is a mandatory requirement of your role.

New approaches are called for but the scope for initiative is restricted by policy guidelines and a process that is governed by legislation.

However, there is one approach that is as yet relatively untapped and which is not restricted in any way whatsoever.

That is cross-sector collaboration.

What if you could instantly view every contract that is due for renewal this month or any month, sorted by category – and in all public bodies and local authorities nationwide?

And alongside the contracts of immediate interest you find the contact details of the owning procurement officer?

The all you have to do is lift the phone to take advantage of joined up purchasing power.

Find out how Procure Tools puts this vital information at your fingertips.

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