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For The Private Sector

The old adage for sellers is as true today as it ever was.

Find out what they want and give it to them.

The UK Public Sector market is growing ever more transparent and easier to deal with.

Government policy now is to streamline procurement activities, shorten the buying cycle and minimise bureaucracy.

Your success depends on excellent market intelligence. To take the fullest advantage of public sector opportunities you need the best information at your fingertips. This is what we do.

With an in-house team of data and insight professionals, we offer the most comprehensive ICT marketing databases for the UK Public Sector.

Our aim is to help our clients reduce the cost of doing business by developing ICT marketing data that significantly and measurably improves performance in the UK Public Sector market.


For Public Sector

We make data available that enables true cross-sector procurement collaboration.

Procurement professionals will immediately appreciate the potential for enhanced savings through combined buying power.

Instantly see what other public bodies have contracts for specific services that fall due for renewal at any point in time.

You have access to the contract owner contact details, information about the supplier, contract value and renewal date.

Collaboration across sectors has never been easier.

Our service is web based, so there is no requirement for additional equipment. The learning curve is a matter of minutes.